December 13, 2002

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Web browsers often include an indication at the bottom of the window when you are communicating with a secure server .  When a secure server is indicated, (https:) data that you send and receive is encrypted, which prevents anyone but you and the server from seeing the information exchanged.  The protocol by which this takes place is called SSL - secure sockets layer.  128-bit encryption is the most secure level available today.

If you are using an older version browser, possibly one still using 40-bit encryption, updating to a newer version with 128-bit encryption will insure that the information you exchange with our secure server will not be seen or harvested by anyone else.

The following web browsers support 128-bit encryption:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
V 5.01 SP2 (Windows 95/98/NT4.0)
V 5.5 SP1   (Windows 95/98/NT4.0)
V 6.x.           Windows 2000 requires SP2 update
Please visit: to update

Netscape Navigator/Communicator
V 4.73 or newer
Please visit: to update